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The API start its Cylinders machining business for Sports Motorcycle
The latest projects we created in year 2010 were series cylinders of different AM parts for heavy duty sport motorcycle. We win the trust of our wonderful customer by a reliable process control system and sincerely attitude toward the quality issues. The projects included at least 12 different models of cylinders and were developed within 4 months. The API communicated with two gravity AL. casting suppliers and one tooling creator to achieve the target of time limit.These cases, again, showed our abilities to fulfill the requirements of our customers.
A brand new project is about to be launched
After three months’ efforts, the Apexworks was successful to be qualified to produce a series of new parts for one of the well-known snow bike manufacturer. This project was the first cooperation between the two parties. The API (Apexworks Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.) and its mother company join together to present these gravity casting parts to our valuable customer and successfully win their trust. In the coming future, there will be more possible projects waiting for us to develop. A small step will trigger a remarkable business opportunity for a wonderful future.
The API beat an engineering challenge and win customer's trust
A new engineering challenge come from a new hydraulic component has been overcome by Apexworks Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. According to the drawing supplied by our customer, we have to keep Cylindricity within 0.005mm during drilling and boring a key oil channel all time. It is not just machining affairs. It is a display of our production control concept. In order to maintain a consistent and stable output, the API focused on the tools we used, the program sequence we applied and the fixture we created. All these efforts contributed a successful production system. It also helps us to win customer’s trust naturally. The API keeps accepting some difficult challenges from our respect customers.
A brand new business to the API was developing sucessfully.
Recently, the API has managed a new project to produce a series of components for a company who is special in laser technology. The products are combined with an unique scanning methodology to capture the shapes of physical structures or scenes and convert them into digital format, known as 3D laser scanning. We just get an approval to launch mass production after a successful ISIR process. It is a remarkable time when we are certificated to be able to produce precision parts for the critical optical industry. The project includes several related parts. Our production process has been qualified as an efficient system. The project will contribute to millions NT$ of business sale turnover.
New ERP II system helps API to enhance its managing efficiency
The Apexworks Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. introduces new ERP II system called Work-Flow. The system helps us to integrate all resources of the company so we can make the whole company even more transparent. We hope to pose some useful production line information to our valuable clients through program in the near future. It will trigger a new supply chain relationship between our customers and us.
Apexworks is ready to produce Ford’s transmission parts
Apexworks has been approved to be the formal tier 2 supplier of transmission parts for FORD. The whole project was traced back to year 2007 when FORD’s tier 1 supplier finished its survey with one of the joint venture of the API. The project took us about six months before we can delivery prototype. Our core team came together to overcome some difficult processes such as casting and precision machining. The first shipment of 300 pieces parts for PPAP was successful. We are going to launch pre-production procedure within two months.
The new Ducati OEM part is ready to go from Apexworks
Apexworks has been awarded Official Supplier from Ducarti to be an O.E. supplier to the factory. This achievement was determined after very close and detailed examination by the Ducati Quality Assurance Inspector. We met all of the highest manufacturing standards and requirements that Ducati was looking for. Our mature manufacturing experiences and sufficient facilities allow us to have the beautiful contract.