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Several young engineers who were special in designing and fabricating precision fixtures and function gauges founded a brand new company called Jinn-Jyou Precision machinery co., Ltd. The company was devoted to making varied machining fixtures and precision checking gauges for diverse industrial processes. The pioneer orders were the welding fixtures for OEM car makers such as Mitsubishi and Nissan. The Initial investing capital was USD 100,000 and the company was located in a 660M2 machining shop with 5 employees only.


The board decided to invest in M/C machines and increased capital to USD 200,000. The company was relocated to a new 1650M2 machining shop after years successful operating. We started running OEM subcontracting business. The employees were added to 15.


In order to assure stability of producing quality, the management team try to push our quality system to comply with requirements of QS-9000 and ISO 9000. With a certificated quality system, we were able to guarantee our customers with excellent parts. The certificate was awarded in November, 2001. And after that, Jinn-Jyou started moving to global supply chains of auto and aerospace parts. The investing capital was increased to USD 300,000 and the employees were added to 25 .


The changing in international division of labor encouraged us to modify the structure of the company. We increased the capital to USD 600,000 and attempted to move the company from a labor-concentrated to a technology-based organization. Several new CNC machining centers were introduced and a new QA department was organized to assure good quality during 3-shift operating.


In order to match the rapid growing business, we, again, increased capital to USD1,500,000 and relocated the machining shop to a new site of 5280M2 . A negotiation of a multi-company cooperation was called. Jinn-Jyou, Ming-Ming (a leading Al. Gravity casting company), and Tanong (a leading high pressure pump Manufacturer) were looking to integrating their machining divisions and forming a new enterprise.


multi-company integration was successful. A brand new company was set up and named as Apexworks Precision Industrial Co., LTD (API). The total capital was USD3, 200,000 and the employees were 60. The customers include car & heavy Motorcycle manufacturers. In March, API proceeded ISO/TS-16949 certificating project. Through Quality

System certification, we expect to provide customers with better service in lead time, product quality and satisfaction. In June, the company applied new ERP II (enterprise resource planning). The new program helps us to manage the company transparently by intranet structure.