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We possess our own crucial know-how on fabricating different precision fixtures,gauges and jigs. About 20% of our well-trained engineers are from R&D department.With more than 20 years experience, these R&D engineers have helped us create up to a variety of 1,500 types of fixtures and gauges. All these precision fixtures have been applied on production lines from some 100 more companies.
We offer a total solution including:

Manufacturing process analyzing & studying

Raw materials evaluating & sourcing

Planning for applied equipments

Suppliers’ evaluation and communication.

All these efforts will help us to fulfill customers’ due date requirement of any specific project. A complete project is planned from feasibility evaluation, quotation management, tooling developing, pre-production study to Statistic Process Control (SPC) of mass production. At the mean time, we keep in touch with our clients closely so to assure that a good communication between the two parties can be achieved.

Material Forming

Precision fogging, Die casting, Gravity casting, Investment casting, Deep Drawing, Powder Metallurgy and so on.

Material Processing

Hardening and tempering , Heat/thermal treatment, Sand blasting, Carburizing, Nitriding, Picking, Stress relief, Decarburization and so on.

Precision Machining

CNC 3,4,5 axes milling, CNC turning, Precision Grinding and so on.

Surface Finishing

Electroplating, Powder Coating, Painting, Electro Coating , Anodizing, Shot Blasting Treatment, Vibratory Finish, and so on.

Finish product assembly and test.