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The globalization and WTO structure make the whole world smaller. The pacific rims and the BRIC’s become WORLD FACTORY. Many main multination corporations have set up their IPOs, factories and sale networks in Asia because of the regional advantages in manufacturing competitiveness and market attraction.

Basically, all activities involved in sourcing, procurement, conversion, marketing, distribution, and channel handling in the context of supply chain competition rely on strong partnership. The geographical location and its integrated industrial supply chain, as a result, help Taiwan take a unique position in sourcing key components in Asia-Pacific area. When sourcing high-precise components and key parts for complicated systems, Taiwanese manufacturers will be the best choice for these multination companies. This advantage is not only for existed factories in their mother countries but also for their new producing bases in China, India and other Asian countries.

The API (Apexworks Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.) provides our clients a total solution from tooling creating to mass production based on our genetics of fixture creating knowledge. Our on-time part developing projects guarantee our customers a reliable sourcing experience. In fact, the key element to our success comes from our plentiful fabricating know-how which is something only time can buy.

As one of leading machining shops in Taiwan, we are proud to become an energetic participator in global supply chains. We hope to supply our customers with parts in terms of reasonable price, stable quality, on-time delivery and continuous improvement. A growing API can be your strategic partner in sourcing in the 21st century. We truly welcome you to come and explore us.